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Both large and small businesses are quickly jumping on board with Thinkn’ IT VoIP systems due to the low cost and fast communication method. As a reseller of one of Australia’s biggest VoIP providers, Thinkn’ IT is leading the way in both VoIP technology and installation of VoIP phone systems and VoIP solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Why switch to VoIP for your office?

Businesses all over Australian are experiencing the benefits of VoIP office phone systems:

  • Experience up to 60% lower costs on calls and conferences compared to traditional phone lines
  • High-speed broadband connections means fast communication
  • No time delay on international calls
  • VoIP can be customised to your individual business size and needs
  • Add VoIP to your existing network arrangement. No fuss
  • Send all of your data digitally, no costly telephone line installations and cords

Thinkn’ IT VoIP solutions have been developed to lower your overhead costs and increase the productivity of your business. Your office will always be contactable for your clients and you can receive urgent voice mails straight to your email inbox for ease of use. VoIP really is the future of business voice call communications.

How does installation of VoIP work?

If you’re ready for faster and cheaper calls, installation of VoIP by Thinkn’ IT is straightforward with no down time for your business. We work with your business personally to deliver a customised VoIP solution. If you already have a broadband internet connection, we can use this. If you need a high-speed connection we can also establish this for you. Likewise our VoIP solutions can create a connection with existing PSTN (standard phone line) networks to automatically connect your voice calls.

Additionally, we can also integrate your VoIP technology with various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to optimise your client connections and streamline your business. All of our VoIP business solutions are customisable and scalable, therefore once installation has occurred you can rest assured upgrading with business growth will be a very simple and cost effective process. Thinkn’ IT will be able to manage all of your VoIP services and upkeep if necessary also.

So lower your overhead costs, streamline your communications, and let Thinkn’ IT stop by for an obligation-free consultation and chat about our managed IT solutions. Contact us now on 1300 21 21 31 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about VoIP office phone system set-up or for any of your IT needs.

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Real-world examples

Thinkin' IT has developed many customer custom programs in a variety of regions of cloud computing, which include:
  • For an Australia-based marketing services corporation, Thinkin' IT made available a solution to bring workflows which considerably decreased cost and cycle times as well as providing an incorporated real-time view of the BPO engagement.
  • For a key transportation and logistics corporation, Thinkin' IT did architect a Service Delivery Platform, making use of SaaS/ PaaS models of delivery.
  • For an insurance client, Thinkin' IT moved them to the cloud, from an on premise server, arranged the implementation, deployment as well as monitoring of the entire system.

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  • A team of highly skilled staff members ready for any issue
  • Complete flexibility to suit you and your business requirements
  • Customer service driven IT Support - IT Support for YOU.

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