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Business cloud solutions come in all shapes and sizes for individual businesses. At Thinkn’ IT we ensure that our cloud solution is completely tailored to your business as we know that one size definitely does not fit all in the IT world.

Thinkin’ IT have worked with a variety of different businesses, big and small, to create successful cloud solutions that actually work in real-life. We have created customer-custom programs utilising the many facets of cloud computing. Our clients are long-standing and are experiencing the benefits of cloud computing integrated within their businesses today. Check out some examples of how we’ve helped below.

Real-world business cloud solution examples

  1. For an Australia-based marketing services corporation, Thinkin' IT created a solution to effectively help increase workflow. Improving time management and workflow opportunities helps to decrease costs and cycle times as well as provides an incorporated real-time view of the BPO engagement.
  2. For a key transportation and logistics corporation, Thinkin' IT produced a Service Delivery Platform to assist in managing multiple operating systems within the business. 
  3. For an insurance client, Thinkin' IT moved them to the cloud, from an on premise server, arranged the implementation, deployment as well as monitoring of the entire system. They are now utilising the full benefits of cloud computing and converting the server room for better use. 

When you entrust Thinkn’ IT with your cloud computing needs you are engaging the full support of our team, available to your 24/7. Our highly skilled team is ready to find you a solution to any problem and we provide a fully managed IT service on request. We most certainly are flexible to your business requirements with a focus on customer service. So contact us at Thinkn’ IT today and see how we can help find the perfect customised cloud computing solution for your business. Call 1300 21 21 31 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a speedy response from our team of IT professionals.

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