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How would your business cope if your workstations went down? Access to your computers and devices is vital to the completion of your everyday tasks. Therefore if your workstations were not available, we have no doubt it would wreak havoc in your office.

Having managed workstations through Thinkin’ IT means that we will continuously watch over your PC’s, laptops and connected devices to ensure the smooth day to day running. This service includes monitoring your workstations, providing any necessary maintenance, and providing support to your workstations and the staff behind them when necessary. It also covers:

  • Analysis and optimisation of each workstation
  • Determining risk areas in each workstation
  • Antivirus and online security
  • Software and hardware updates and upgrades
  • Reporting and resolution of issues that arise
  • Ongoing backup of data and email systems
  • 24x7 support from our IT professionals

Continual monitoring of workstations allows us to identify any problem areas early and respond fast to issues. It also means we can make suggestions to save you money on energy bills and ensure your workstations are as efficient as possible.

Managed workstations mean there is less hassle for you and your staff, and you can concentrate on bigger and better things such as growing your business and getting work done. There are different levels of managed workstations so be sure to get in touch today for pricing. One thing to be sure of is that you’ll get great value out of this service. Contact us at Thinkn’ IT today on 1300 21 21 31 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quick response from one of our team members.

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