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In order for you and your business to operate effectively in todays modern world, you need your IT systems to run as well if not better than your staff.

This is why we place such a high priority on providing effective and efficient solutions to our clients who require nothing less than high level IT support at a reasonable price.

Below are just some of the essential services that we offer our clients:

Networking & Networking Setup

Setting up your home or business new internet connection, or simply helping your home or business network with file and printer sharing.

Windows 2008 & Windows 7

As technology is constantly evolving, we are too, and we are fully trained in the new and upcoming operating platforms that are put out by the major brands, we are here to help advise which operating platform suits you and your business the best.

Server Installations & Maintenance

95% of businesses these days require or use a server to save all their common files, emails and vital data on. We are specialists when it comes to installing new servers and maintaining your current server.

Virus Removal

Far too often people tell us they need a new computer because it is infected with viruses, whereas 85% of the time this is due to malware and can be removed quite easily.

Data Recovery

There is nothing worse than the gut wrenching feeling that you have lost your data when you laptop or desktop crashes, however this is not always the case. At least 75% of the time the data is recoverable. Contact us today to recover your data.

System Maintenance

We have maintenance and service plans for pre-arranged support that will give you the confidence that Thinkin' IT will have you and your business supported 24/7. Contact us today for the different pricing and plans that will suit you and your business.

Thinkin' IT Hardware Faults & Troubleshooting

When your computer starts making beeping noises, or your internet keeps dropping out, or networking, contact us so we can establish whether a part of your hardware is faulty.

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When choosing your IT support company, simply choose Thinkin' IT, we make IT simple.

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