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Our Unlimited Managed Services Plans start from $1 per day per machine, which includes Managed Antivirus, and UNLIMITED Remote IT Support & backup solutions for that device.

Example, if you have 10 machines in your office, you would be paying $10 per day to have them completely protected by Antivirus and any issues supported by our team of IT Engineers! 

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How much revenue would you loose if your IT network went down tomorrow for the whole day ?
Unfortunately a lot of businesses do not know how healthy or reliable their IT network is - This is why we provide Free IT Audits to provide you with the information you need to decide for yourself if you are getting the best IT support that suits your budget and your business.

When was your last successful Backup ? 
Where is your Backups Stored ?
What redundancy do you have if your Internet goes offline ? 
Is there faster cheaper internet in your area available to you ? 

How long are your deleted emails kept for ?
Who has access to your files / and or email accounts ?
What is your business IT Policy & Password Policy ?
Is your Antivirus and AntiRansomware software automatically updated and controlled ? 
Are your business critical applications running the latest updates and patches ?

These are just some of the items that we will establish in our IT audit.  The purpose of this audit is to make sure your business is operating at the most efficient and effective way possible using the latest technology whilst minimising your costs.  We often find that most clients that have an IT audit are surprised to find that their IT network can be managed for 40% less costs than what they are currently paying, simply by using their existing technology better.

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